The Cellect-Budwig Protocol

The Cellect-Budwig Protocol was specifically designed for cancer patients who need to have an alternative cancer treatment, which starts to become effective within days, not weeks or months.

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A member of the Independent Cancer Research Foundation, natural cancer treatment pioneer Mike Vrentas developed the successful Cellect-Budwig Protocol.
Mike formulated the Cellect-Budwig Protocol in the wake of first-hand experience, seeing what worked and what did not in both early- and late-stage cancer patients, including his wife.
During the past 17 years Mike has coached thousands of cancer patients around the world. He has conducted telephone and Skype interviews, as well as had email conversations, to help patients using the highly effective Cellect-Budwig Protocol.
Now, he has put together his real-life experiences – including exhaustive research and personal case studies – in a 24-module course designed to be a step-by-step instruction guide for the Cellect-Budwig Protocol.

What's Included in the Bundle?

  • Over 14 hours of video and audio provided by Michael Vrentas about his protocol
  • 24 Chapters detailing the protocol
  • Each chapter contains: Video, Downloadable MP3, and a Resource Page
  • A comprehensive 50-page document of all the resources mentioned in each chapter
  • The $97 bundle only includes the digital video course/MP3 download. (does not include physical DVD or transcript)
  • The option to purchase additional 1 on 1 consultations with a Cellect Budwig Expert (after completing the course)

Courses Included with Purchase

Introduction & Disclaimer
Michael Vrentas
Chapter 1: Personal Battles with Cancer
Michael Vrentas
Chapter 2: Dr. Day's Protocol
Michael Vrentas
Chapter 3: The Juicing Protocol
Michael Vrentas
Chapter 4: The Budwig Diet
Michael Vrentas
Chapter 5: Cellect
Michael Vrentas
Chapter 6: Cellect/Budwig Versus Different Diseases
Michael Vrentas
Chapter 7: Thoughts on Cellect
Michael Vrentas
Chapter 8: Important Information. Vitamins B, D and Testing
Michael Vrentas
Chapter 9: Iodine Deficiency
Michael Vrentas
Chapter 10: Additional Options While on Cellect
Michael Vrentas
Chapter 11: Learning Experiences
Michael Vrentas
Chapter 12: Coffee Enemas and the Lymphatic System
Michael Vrentas
Chapter 13: Juicing Enemas & Cachexia
Michael Vrentas
Chapter 14: Flax Oil Enemas
Michael Vrentas
Chapter 15: Dr. Kelley's Answer to Cancer
Michael Vrentas
Chapter 16: Enzymes
Michael Vrentas
Chapter 17: Pain Management
Michael Vrentas
Chapter 18: Dr. Richardson and Vitamins B17 "Laetrile" and B15
Michael Vrentas
Chapter 19: Cherie Fights For Her Life
Michael Vrentas
Chapter 20: Addressing Vaginal and Rectal Issues
Michael Vrentas
Chapter 21: Alternative Tests
Michael Vrentas
Chapter 22: QA Relating to Specific Cancers
Michael Vrentas
Chapter 23: Frequency Generators
Michael Vrentas
Chapter 24: Lyme Disease
Michael Vrentas
Michael Vrentas

Chapter Index

Chapter 1: Personal Battles with Cancer

A heart wrenching story of how we got into this research

Chapter 2: Discovering Dr Day’s Protocol. Battling for Her Life

Dr Lorraine Day MD curing her Stage 4 invasive breast cancer
Cancer Doesn’t Scare Me Anymore/ You Can’t Improve on God
Addressing Breast Tumor/Needle Biopsy and Lymph Node Removal
Dr Day pursues the alternative
Rehydrating the body using enemas with fluids and Juices
Excising Tumor “partial removal” and moving towards remission
Dr Day’s comments/chronic and terminal diseases
Cancer Statistics
Breast Thermography
American Cancer Society/ National Cancer Institute
Diet and Life Style
What was the cause of your cancer?
Cavitation, Root Canals, Sinus Infections and More
Mercury Fillings and Neurological Issues/Diseases
Breast Cancer, Possible Cavitation and Addressing Infections
The first steps my wife Cherie took
Tumor removal/needle biopsies
Aggressive tumors and life threatening issues

Chapter 3: The Juicing Protocol

Six reasons for juicing
Dr Gerson M.D. - changing the internal terrain of the body
Checking alkalinity/acidity, urine and saliva PH of the body
My thoughts on live food enzymes
Dr Budwig- power of electrons, electromagnetic fields and light energy
Body Electric, bio photons, light energy and body’s cell voltage drop
Sun light and your health
Percentage of raw diet vs. cooked
Juicer options - centrifugal vs. masticating
My thoughts on a juicing protocol
The Bible to Cancer
What can I eat?
Thoughts on a recommended juicing protocol
Thoughts on making juices throughout the day
Starting juicing for the first time
Cleaning of produce
Diabetics and juicing
My thoughts when juicing for the very sick
Juicing is the first start of the Cellect/Budwig protocol
Juicing where stomach feeding tubes are involved
Do you believe juicing is the answer to chronic and terminal diseases?
When juicing, diet and life style changes don’t work
Thoughts on the Gerson Protocol

Chapter 4: The Budwig Diet

The Budwig Diet healing terminal cancer patients
Dr Budwig’s credentials
Commercially processed fats and oils destroying cell membranes
and the lowering of voltage in our cells and our body’s
When the chemical treating of unsaturated fats occurs;
” Bad Things Happen” Circulation and Amputations
A look at cancer, cell voltage dropping, DNA damage, and mutation of cells multiplying out of control
Brain function, bad fats and neurotransmitters
Anti-depressants resulting in terrible tragedies
Starting the repair process; the generation of new life and new cells
The formation of tumors
Growth inhibiting treatments, targeted radiation, life threatening issues
Medical treatments; Response rate vs. Survival rate
Immediate life threatening issues; Medical treatment or the alternative
Dr Budwig’s use of the protocol for cancer, brain, neurological, chronic
and terminal diseases; examples
Patients with lung and respiratory issues
Lung cancer patients and flax oil enemas
Benefits of the flax oil enemas, Eldi Oils and Eldi Oil R
Administration of flax oil for areas of pain
Patients and the sun
Electrons in our food
Combining of flax oil/cottage cheese with additional options
Warning “too much flax oil to fast”
Maintenance Dose of flax oil and cottage cheese
Pharmaceutical drugs and supplements
Dangers of oxygen therapy “Hyperbaric Chamber”
Lactose intolerant
Feeding Tubes; adjusting mixture amounts
Blood cancers and blood disorders
Budwig Diet certain items to avoid
Budwig Transition Diet for the very sick “my thoughts”
Why does the Budwig protocol work in some cases and not others

Chapter 5: Cellect: Including Individal Case Observations

Discovering Cellect; initial observations and comparing success rates
Dr Fred Eichhorn ND – background and his personal battle with cancer; understanding his research
My thoughts on DNA sequencing, improper cellular instructions and cells multiplying out of control in one area of the body or throughout
Nutritional deficiency or change alters DNA instructions resulting in incorrect body chemistry
Differentiating between dead and live cancer cells in review of scans
Cancer and tumors becoming life threatening and totally out of control
God created man from
Proprietary blend of minerals and proper electrical charges
Addressing amino acids, protein and chromosome imbalance
Simple domino effect, diagnosis and the panic sets in
Taking a step back; the patient’s choice
Cancer out running the patient’s protocol; the swimming pool effect
Missing links between alternative protocols and protocols interfering with one another
Joyce’s Story; 1st ever to use the protocol
Bill’s Story; 2nd person to use the protocol
Bonnie’s Story; relating additional information to Bill
Mike, do you know what day this is?
Chemotherapy/radiation damaging cell memory and DNA sequencing
Joe’s Story
Vibe machine/Quantum pulse
Garland’s Story
Getting worse before getting better
The sun’s role in Garland’s remission
Information for backing off supplementation and letting the body detox
I’ve had some chemo/radiation. Will this affect cell memory and proper DNA sequencing?
Personal observations of excessive chemo/radiation treatments
Quality of life and blessings of remission
The nutritional supplement, Cellect
Purchase options, dosage and taste
Cellect recipes and items to avoid; issues with peanut butter
Diabetics, bad fats; wounds that won’t heal

Chapter 6: Cellect/Budwig vs. Different Diseases

Dan’s Scleroderma Story
I about fell out of my chair
Observation of the devastating effects of this disease
Autoimmune disease; Dan’s body under attack
My fascination with this disease
Losing all hope and quickly deteriorating
Stopping the autoimmune attack
Dan and Debbie write the amazing story; application and implementation of the research “wow”
Conclusion of Dan’s Scleroderma Story and my final thoughts including the pain killer addiction
Melissa’s case of severe Type 2 diabetes out of control, blood sugars over 500 and hospitalized
Melissa’s use of the Cellect/Budwig protocol
Melissa’s use of enzymes to address swelling, inflammation and edema in her legs and ankles
Melissa’s constant adjustment of medication with fluctuating blood sugars
Blood sugar levels out of control
Melissa’s use of additional supplementation
Use of additional supplementation was very good insurance
In conclusion of Melissa’s case some interesting observations
Richard’s case of severe Type 2 diabetes
Richard’s results after monitoring the fluctuation of his cholesterol and triglycerides from 1995–2009;
6 weeks after Cellect/Budwig the amazing results
Richard’s refusal of an insulin pump
What took Melissa 3-4 months took Richard 6 weeks;
What was the difference?
Some thoughts on the Type 1 Diabetic cases

Chapter 7: Thoughts on Taking Cellect: Including Individual Patient Conditions

Cellect recipes that are not compatible with Cellect/Budwig
Rules for not consuming flax oil and cottage cheese around the same time as Cellect
Introduction of cod liver oil in combination of Cellect/Budwig
Addressing issues in swallowing capsules and tablets
Cod liver oil or fish oil
Additional details of how people are consuming Cellect
Diarrhea or constipation issues
How long will a container of Cellect last and how much do I take
Shocking the swimming pool
Seeking financial help for the cost of implementing nutritional supplementation
Once in remission the importance of maintaining nutritional
Supplementation; what could happen if I don’t?
Nutritional supplementation of Cellect for the very sick; thoughts and dosage
Cellect, children and dosage
Mother’s use of Cellect while pregnant, breast-feeding and baby bottles
Cellect and stomach feeding tubes
Bed bound and cannot eat or drink; what can a family do?

Chapter 8: Important Information. Vitamins B, D and Testing

Cellect where additional supplementation maybe needed
Micronutrient Blood Test Information
Testing Outside the US
Recommendation on B vitamins where needed
What if I don’t have access to the testing
Bed bound and have not had any nutritional supplementation
Serious health issues created by a lack of B vitamins
Vitamin B6; vital for energy production and essential in transporting oxygen throughout the body
Test case observations “The Doctor That Looked at Hands”
B6 deficiency; example edema in pregnant woman from being water logged; some losing up to 50 pounds of water weight in a few days
Dr Ellis recommendation for the correct B6 product and proper dosage
Thoughts on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and proper dosage
Adequate Vitamin D level and proper dosage
Dr Mercola’s comments on the safety of tanning beds
Testing Vitamin D deficiency and understanding the test is extremely important
Vitamin D deficiencies linked to

Chapter 9: Address the Iodine Deficiency. Addition of The Nutritional Product Cellect

Cellect; is there an adequate amount of iodine
Dr David Brownstein MD author of “Iodine Why You Need It”
The Iodine study involving over 4,000 cases revealing
Iodine and cancer
Dr Kelley’s three trigger mechanisms of cancer
Breast cancer and the iodine relationship
Chronic illness, health issues and symptoms associated with an iodine deficiency
Fibrocystic breast disease, cyst formation and enzyme supplementation
Severe headaches and migraines
Why won’t my PH balance?
Salt and cancer
Balancing an iodine deficiency; 3 types of people
In the 1st case of balancing an iodine deficiency
Possible allergic reactions to taking iodine
Lugol’s iodine/iodide in Solution Dosage
My use of the Iodoral 12.5 mg iodine/iodide tablet form
Monitoring for activation of iodine
Maintenance dose of iodine supplementation
My iodine is not activating “person 2”
Niacin and its unique characteristics
Niacin, bleeding and notes of caution
My basal cell temperature is normal/possible infection “person 3”
Iodine Spot Loading Test
Recapping the 3 types of people with iodine deficiency
Tumors and topical application of iodine
Cellect/Budwig protocol; step 4 addition of the nutritional product
Cellect including Cellect/Budwig notations through observations

Chapter 10: Addressing Immediate Issues While Cellect On Order/Backorder. Additional Options Where Needed

Dealing with shipping delays when time is of the essence
Jim Kelmun; Maple Syrup and Baking Soda protocol
Options if Cellect on order/backorder or cannot be shipped to a certain country
Benefits of Vitamin K2; include moving calcium into proper areas of the body, removal of excess calcium in areas where it shouldn’t be and dosage
Coral calcium options and the use of cod liver oil
Liquid vitamin and mineral nutritional supplement for adults; Vibe Fusion/dosage
Liquid vitamin and mineral nutritional supplement for children;
Vibe Children’s/dosage
Can people take Cellect/Budwig or both when taking chemotherapy or radiation?
Products and protocols that will interfere with the Cellect/Budwig protocol
My thoughts on the use of medical marijuana, cannabis, hemp and essential oils with the Cellect/Budwig protocol

Chapter 11: Learning Experiences. Individual Case Examples. Initiating Cellect/Budwig

Sharing of individual case information; 1st case that comes to mind
Stage 4 breast cancer
Hitting the balance for tumor die off
What did she do resulting in this response?
Flax oil and cottage cheese; when taken at the wrong time
Three types of people’s responses when it comes to eating flax oil and cottage cheese
Comments Alzheimer’s and dementia
Comments on the use of anti-depressants
Neurotransmitters; the brain and omega 3 fatty acids
I absolutely love eating the flax oil and cottage cheese; it lights me up
Sue’s case; flax oil and cottage cheese recipe mixture
Daily schedule in taking the Cellect/Budwig protocol “options”
What can I eat?
Dr Kelley’s comment, “this is a very good source of protein and all the essential amino acids in the proper proportions”
Dr Kelley’s comments on Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar)
How does Cellect fit in with the one exception?
What are your thoughts on eating the flax oil and cottage cheese more than once a day?
Thoughts on cottage cheese and enzymes

Chapter 12: Coffee Enemas Adults and Children. The Lymphatic System

Your cancer is going down much faster than normal; what are you doing?
I looked at her and said; “I knew you were”, with her replying “how did you know I was doing coffee enemas”?
Color photo of a person’s lymphatic system
Could you give us some more detail on what the lymphatic system does?
So, that’s how you knew I was doing coffee enemas
Dr Richard Schulze comments on the use of Hydrotherapy
Moving blood flow in and out of an area including blocked lymph vessels in the skin
Do you know how this is done?
Three very important reasons for doing coffee enemas where possible
My thoughts for people bad mouthing coffee enemas
Why coffee enemas alleviate the pain of cancer in many cases
Case example of Pancreatic Cancer; best first hand case of how powerful a coffee enema can be to relieve the pain
How does a person go about doing a coffee enema; purchasing the coffee and supplies
Demonstration of putting together a coffee enema bucket kit
Steps involved in doing the coffee enema procedure using my wife, Cherie, for example
Coffee enemas and people sensitive to caffeine
The big day has arrived for doing the first coffee enema the Cherie way
Coffee enemas where a patient cannot lay on one side or the other due to physical condition or bed bound patients
Cherie’s increase of coffee enemas due to toxic die-off
Coffee enemas and hemorrhoid issues
Juicing to keep electrolytes in balance when doing coffee enemas
Coffee enemas and potassium depletion
Trouble shooting coffee enema issues if encountered
Information for detox symptoms encountered
Children and coffee enemas; including additional information in reference page of website

Chapter 13: Juicing Enemas. Cachexia

Rehydrating the body using Juicing enemas for the very sick and bed bound patients
Patient case example in understanding the power of juicing enemas when suffering from “Cachexia”
I can’t eat, drink or keep anything down
Rectal application of juicing
Could you explain the procedure for doing this type of enema?
Juicing enemas and Cellect used in combination
Juicing enemas and coral calcium used in combination
Comment on colostomy bag patients; with additional clarification in the reference page
Cachexia; additional thoughts
Coffee Enema/lactic acid cycle

Chapter 14: Flax Oil Enemas

Dr Budwig’s use of flax oil enemas
Reactivation of the patient’s vital functions
Dramatic improvement in breathing
Dr Budwig’s Eldi Oils
How much oil do I use?
How long do I hold the oil?
Coffee enemas and bad attitudes
Lung cancer case; stage 4; 92-year-old

Chapter 15: Dr Kelley’s Answer to Cancer. Addressing Digestive and Blockage Issues. Enzyme Supplementation and Activation

Dr William Kelley; the best of the best
Was Dr Kelley’s success rate in treating cancer patients really 90%?
Produced his first copy of “One Answer to Cancer” in a 38-page booklet December of 1967
Revenge of the establishment
What were they trying to stop and why?
Dr Kelley’s comment that 86% of all cancer conditions could be
Three triggers in developing cancer
Dr Kelley’s comments on the over consumption of animal protein and enzyme depletion
The disease commonly referred to as cancer by the medical community is nothing more than the failure
Dr John Beard’s discovery from over 100 years ago, of the body’s primary mechanism for destroying cancer with no toxic side effects
Dr Kelley’s program; the 5 steps of metabolic medicine cancer cure
Dr Kelley’s comments on the order of digestion
Stomach digestive issues
HCL information and dosage
Issues involving the small intestine, blockage, pancreas and activation of pancreatic enzymes
Possible symptoms or signs enzymes not activating
A very good case example
The danger of acid blockers
Correcting the digestive issue and proper activation of enzymes
What is Okra Pepsin E3, what does it do, how does it work and what is the proper dosage?
Stripping the mucous lining from the small intestine
The use of Psyllium Husk Powder and dosage
Supplementation of additional enzymes
Understanding digestive and systemic enzyme supplementation and application for cancer and non-cancer related health issues
Five primary actions of systemic enzymes; this will include how they address inflammation, pain, swelling, cancer mass, tumors, fibroids, fibrin, fibrosis, scar tissue, cysts, blood clots and much more
Enzymes and blood
Enzymes, antibodies and the immune system attacking itself
Enzymes and viruses
Enzymes, high blood pressure and cholesterol

Chapter 16: Introduction of Enzymes to Patients on Blood Thinners; Enzymes and Recent Surgeries

Blood thinners and the Cellect/Budwig protocol
Side effect of blood thinners
Looks like an overkill of blood thinners
Flax Oil and the impact on blood
Cod liver oil and the impact on blood
Addition of enzymes to the protocol and the blood
Enzymes, cancer cells and tumors
Working with the doctor to back down the blood thinners
Bring the blood back to its natural order
Correcting the blood naturally without the use of blood thinners
The benefits of enzymes go way beyond what a blood thinner can do
Informing the doctor of what you are doing
Enzymes and recent surgeries
Dr Wong’s comments on the non-cancer use of digestive and systemic
Enzymes; including dosage
Dr Wong’s comments on enzyme dosage to address high blood pressure and cholesterol
Dr Wong’s comments on detoxification symptoms when starting enzymes
Enzyme options and dosage for cancer patients
Implementing the enzyme protocol for cancer
Stopping the enzyme protocol for 5 days to release toxic die off
Types of toxic die off
Coffee enemas and toxic die off
How did Cherie implemented the enzyme protocol?
When enzyme protocols become cost prohibitive; option 2
Maintenance dose of enzymes once the cancer is in remission or under control
Colostomy or other issues that come to mind
Stopping enzyme supplementation prior to any surgeries

Chapter 17: Pain Management

Enzymes to reduce pain and inflammation
Case example of pulling off an autoimmune attack and severe inflammation reduction; including improved circulation
The use of cayenne pepper
Addressing the issue of Ascites
Scarring of the liver
Edema and inflammation; additional type of enzyme supplementation
Ascites additional options
Nausea relief
Ascites, edema of the legs and ankles; releasing buildup of fluids
DMSO continues to amaze me
DMSO Gel form and its external application for pain, swelling, trauma,inflammation and a great deal more
Sounds like DMSO is your best friend
Working with the DMSO Gel, medications and general warnings
Common sense examples when using DMSO
Brain inflammation and DMSO
The use of niacin (vitamin B3) for Ascites
Coffee enemas for major pain relief
Pain relief and the application of Castor oil packs in drawing out toxins
Castrol oil packs and liver cancer cases
Flax oil for pain control
Pain control using Bentonite Clay mud packs in drawing out toxins for internal and external use
BRAT has been used by many to stop or control Diarrhea issues
Charlotte Gerson’s book “Healing the Gerson Way”
Bentonite clay application for external use including bath
Case example of using the Pain Triad

Chapter 18: Dr Richardson. Vitamins B17 “Laetrile” and B15

The use of Vitamin B17 commonly referred to as Laetrile has been used by clinics and individuals worldwide
Vitamin B17 (Laetrile) and pain relief
Dr Ernst T Krebs Jr., researcher and one of the developers of laetrile believes the lack of Vitamin B17 in our diet, along with...
The search for a medical doctor having used vitamin B17 laetrile in his medical practice with patient documentation
Dr John A. Richardson M.D. and the cancer clinic experience
Dr Richardson and Dr Krebs discussing the theoretical model and the practical application of B17 Laetrile
Vitamin B17 and B12 are known as cyanide containing compounds.
How does the body break this down safely and assimilate?
The enzyme factor is equally important
What did Dr Richardson do with the information provided by Dr Krebs
Confirming the theory in the preclinical syndrome of stopping the cancer; Dr Richardson said “I was curious what effect B17 and the combination of other vitamins would have on such cases”
How did Dr Richardson administer the Amygdalin B17
Reports of reduction in pain, increased appetite and much more
Dr Richardson increasing dosage level of B17 and addressing diet
The results told us immediately
They came to us for a last resort of miracles
No longer were we treating a lump or bump but treating the body in its totality
When the word got out the inevitable happened
Cancer statistics 5-year survival
They’re working on those cures; Interfering with the status quo
How was Dr Richardson B17 protocol and metabolic therapy administered?
Similar B17 protocol options; Dr Contreras “Oasis of Hope”
What’s your take on the safety of Vitamin B17?
Cherie’s implementation of the Vitamin B17 protocol, vitamin B15 and the apricot seeds
Apricot seeds and nausea
Introduction into Cherie’s protocol of the Vitamin B17, B15, apricot seeds and issues encountered
Countries not allowing the import of Vitamin B17
Case example 1; Glioblastoma brain cancer and the patients use of the B17 in IV form, B15 and apricot seeds
Purchasing of products used in the case example
How did the protocol work for him?
What changed during the 6-month period
I think the moral of the story
Case example 2; another very interesting brain cancer case what the MRIs were revealing
Their constant reference to God and asking for the blessing of healing and remission

Chapter 19: Cherie Fighting for Her Life. Initiating a Black Salve Protocol. Controlling Severe Bleeding Issues. Anemia

Ten years later and in trouble again
A blessing from God with his hands guiding me
You are right about my reluctance in talking about this; people are getting in way over their head
Pain, bleeding, infections and complications resulting in
I warned Cherie about getting out of this line of work due to the toxic chemicals she was working with daily
Tumor developed in opposite breast
She didn’t have the fire like before
Frequency generator
Checking for cavitation using a biological dentist; possible relationship to the breast tumor
Cherie’s use of Thermography
Cherie fast becoming overwhelmed
Checking with a surgeon to de-bulk the breast tumor
Using a frequency generator with plasma tube to test impact on this tumor
Surgeon’s recommendation
Cherie’s ultra sound results
Surgeon’s examine complete;
Cherie said, “you can forget that right now and I will do it my way”
The major mistake was not monitoring Cherie’s tumor
Cherie’s use of Amazon Tonic III
My use of the Amazon Tonic III
Are you talking about the possible use of Black Salve?
Referral to a surgeon for a second opinion
Cherie realized she was just about to hit a brick wall and something needed to be done in a more aggressive manner
I have heard you refer to the Black Salve and Amazon Tonic as
A good friend explains to Cherie, “as I see it you have 3 choices”
Tumor broke through the breast and bleeding
Black slave and products needed
Getting in way over your head very quickly
How did Cherie control the bleeding?
What did Cherie use for wound healing and infection?
Cherie’s use of Angstrom Silver or possible Colloidal Silver
Cherie’s use of the wound dressing gel
Additional products Cherie used
When the tumor broke through how did you handle this?
Extremely graphic picture presentation “for educational purposes only” in application of the black salve protocol to Cherie’s tumor and not for viewing by children
Cherie’s accidental trauma to the tumor; resulting in an arterial bleed
What did you do to stop this bleeding? This cauterized the wound in less than 30 seconds
Why not to get involved in something like this
Something else comes to mind here and that is a caretaker who is capable
Some big issues encountered including daily changing of bandages, cleaning of the wound, additional small bleeding issues, reapplication and what to expect in removal of the bandage each day; my daily prayer
What am I going to do with this?
How did you go about addressing Cherie’s wound?
Addressing Cherie’s constipation issue caused by the painkillers
In picture 12 addressing the raw area with the option of using the black salve or the golden salve
If you hadn’t documented Cherie’s case with these photos as you went along, I don’t think anyone would have ever believed
Handling the pain with the pain killers not working as well and Cherie wants to give up
Seeking the doctors help
The doctors review of Cherie’s pictures, examination of the tumor and wound
Cherie’s outpatient surgery and the doctor’s comments
Rebuilding Cherie’s hemoglobin
The next appointment with the doctor
Seeing the results of the surgery for the first time
Wound vac or the use of Golden Salve; the doctor’s response
Problems developed again; cancer in the wound and the doctor’s comments
Continuing to draw cancer from the wound; additional pictures
Seems like a never-ending battle
Wow, what a story and by the way look at
The Cherie interview
Having to adjust the Cellect/Budwig protocol to a maintenance level during the Black Salve procedure
How long did the black salve protocol take from start to finish?
Any other issues come to mind dealing with such a large tumor, infections or bleeding issues; Fungating cancer wounds
Basic blood work up; blood platelets too low, blood clotting issues; platelet transfusion and blood transfusions
Chinese product used to stop or control bleeding
Cancer patients addressing anemia; additional (Dr Kelley’s thoughts)
Do you have any final thoughts in this area?

Chapter 20: Addressing Vaginal and Rectal Issues

Vaginal and rectal application
What is a vaginal douche?
What type of vaginal or rectal cancers have you seen the tonic douches used for?
If you are thinking about using the tonic for an issue and not sure
Do you know the mixture ratio?
Have you heard how they are doing the vaginal application?
Have you heard how they are doing the rectal application?
Garlic suppository vaginal or rectal with case example
Garlic suppository; abnormal cell production cases
The 3 stages of administering the garlic suppository
Can the garlic suppository be used rectally?
Resetting of the good flora and bacteria
The use of Beta Glucan to double the immune system’s response

Chapter 21: Alternative Tests

Navarro cancer test (HCG)
The test is based on the theory
A positive indication of cancer or your pregnant
In 32 proven cases of cancer the HCG test gave
Setting a base line
If you are not showing some positive improvement
Ordering Navarro test and supplies
You mentioned a second test; AMAS
Many say it’s over 95% accurate
How does this test work?
For additional information on AMAS
Understanding the test results beyond the base line
Why some doctors dislike this test
Mike Adam’s comments from about the AMAS test
Testing only goes so far

Chapter 22: Questions and Answers. Relating to Specific Cancers

Let’s play question and answer involving the different cancers
How about pancreatic cancer to start with?
There are 4 signs that come to mind immediately when I hear Chemotherapy and pancreatic cancer
The silver bullet in helping to alleviate the pain
When diagnosed with pancreatic, colon, bile duct, gallbladder or stomach cancer; issues encountered with eating or digestion
Common bile duct, tumors and stents
We just covered 5 different types of cancer cases
What are your thoughts on liver cancer
Liver regeneration with case example
Detoxing the liver
Cherie’s use of the (Total Detoxification System)
What are your thoughts on lung cancer?
The common response was “well I gotta die from something”
Lung cancer cases which have nothing to do with smoking
The body’s way of releasing dead tumor die off
Lung infections
Driving oxygen deep into the lung tissue
Frequency generators and lung cancer
What are your thoughts when you here the diagnosis of bone cancer?
Trigger to bone cancer
Addressing the pain
What are your thoughts on Hypercalcemia, such as in Myeloma?
Osteoblast and Osteoclasts
What are your thoughts on stomach cancer?
Tumors and stomach cancer
Addressing bleeding issues
What are your thoughts on patients diagnosed with bladder cancer?
My friend’s case for example
What are your thoughts on patients diagnosed with breast cancer?
This imbalance trigger allowed for the creation of
Some exceptions
The relationship; Thyroid, Ovaries and hormones
What do you think when you hear cysts formation
In these cases, we need to go after the cause
The cancer was the result of
What are your thoughts on addressing tumors and aggressive breast tumors?
Dr Philip E. Binzel, Jr., M.D. comments on tumor removal
Tumor pain
What are your thoughts on tongue, mouth, head and neck cancers and their relationship to the HPV virus?
Options in addressing the issue
What are your thoughts on the cause of the different brain cancers and tumors, including Glioblastoma?
Aspartame’s relationship to cancer and a multitude of other health issues
What else comes to mind in issues with brain cancer and tumors with adults and children?
Dr Kelley says, “There are about 3 billion primitive germ cells in our body and anyone of these are a potential”
What are your thoughts on vaccines? a very good resource
Comments on the Dr Mercola and Dr Andrew Wakefield interview
Comments on the interview of Dr Andrew Wakefield with journalist,
Sharyl Attkisson
Do you have any other quick thoughts about brain cancer?
In the Glioblastoma cases I saw some research
The Venus flytrap protocol doesn’t
What is the Venus Fly Trap product and how does it work?
What are your thoughts in the blood cancer cases? Case example
I’m thinking she really managed to poison herself
Can you imagine the chemical over load throughout her entire body?
Case example; diagnosis of Chronic Lymphatic Leukemia “CLL”
Case example; diagnosis of Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma piggybacked with a diagnosis of Sjogren’s syndrome
Don’t even think about giving a person
What are your thoughts when someone sends you an email telling you they’ve been diagnosed with a rare cancer?
So you’re looking at it from abnormal cell formation, improper sequencing and many times, people will be surprised at how...

Chapter 23: Frequency Generators

What is a frequency generator, what do they do, and what is the story behind them?
Dr Rife and his first microscope with its ability to see
Dr Rife’s construction of other instruments enabled him to electronically destroy specific
Barry Lynes, an investigative reporter, wrote
Identifying and classifying disease causing microorganisms
The co-worker said “Dr Rife finally got the cultures on the slide, released the whole dog gone flood of power, and the dog gone little things”
“It was one of the most magnificent sight of human control and endurance that I had”
Dr Rife met with intrigue, skepticism and
Doctors working with his frequency machines, research, and the results of the 1934 clinical trial
I imagine when this information surfaced this didn’t go over well. The attempt to obliterate the research information, machines, and destroy Dr Rife and his work
The research goes underground
Reflection of a very sad period during this time of an amazing
A very good website for information on Dr Rife, his work and actual interviews of Dr Rife, including the people and doctors that knew him
A new generation of frequency generators
Technical information on the Rife machine to separate the good from the bad
I thought the information provided was excellent, so people don’t end up with a frequency generator that
ICRF purchased several the frequency generators with the specifications mentioned to evaluate
They are not sold as medical devices and no medical claims
The problem for these agencies is that there is a great deal of information and claims on the Internet of how effective
If only a drug can cure a disease, then where are all the cures?
Learning through observations and feedback from people who have used the frequency generators for their individual health issues; case results
Independent Cancer Research Foundation “ICRF” purchased two frequency generators for testing
The thought of using frequencies to destroy microbial bacteria or viruses in the similar manner a soprano singer can shatter a crystal glass
When was the first time anyone used the ICRF frequency generators?
ICRF Case 1 observation; head and neck cancer metastasized to the lungs
What did you think when she said that? I thought “Wow” this is going to be; you sound like you were a skeptic then
What went through your mind when you heard that? Frankly it blew me away when I heard this pain had reduced overall by
Possible detoxing symptoms
I think the length of time away has allowed
One cannot hit and miss and if you think
Then that was the last observation of her case after she purchased a frequency generator. Do you know what happened with her?
Dr Rife was asked about that in an article that was written
Any other cases using a frequency generator that you could mention
Email contact case of a malignant high-grade sarcoma tumor I found very interesting
Husband advised doctors acknowledging chemotherapy and radiation treatments failing; turning to the alternative for his wife and had purchased a frequency generator with plasma tube
When was the next time you heard from him?
Struggling in trying to get her to eat as she was nauseated and had lost 50 pounds. The nurse suggested I give her --- and it was like someone had flipped a switch on in her body and she began to eat
Using common sense
What other case examples have you seen frequency generators used in non-cancer issues?
Case example; shingles virus
Shingles in the scalp, neck and by her left ear moving towards left eye
Frequency generator used; once a day for 4 days and that
What works for one-person may not
I have observed many cases where the frequency generator was used for different health issues; bacterial infections, viruses and parasites
Have you used the frequency generator?
Did Cherie use the frequency generator?
Any other cases come to mind using frequency generators?
Lyme disease; Observation of (2) severe cases
I saw a dramatic

Chapter 24: Lyme Disease. John and Jeremy’s Battle including Use of Frequency Generator

Jeremy, I will go over a brief history of what I went through in struggling with Lyme disease
Doctor after doctor with incorrect diagnosis
A physically devastating struggle
Seeking the help of a Lyme literate doctor
Jeremy, what’s the story of your diagnosis?
Time to look on my own, where to take this journey, and I turned to a Lyme literate doctor
I went the antibiotic route and realized God intervened
How we used the protocol to recover our health
Frequency generator; the machine can send the frequencies giving us the upper hand
In the Lyme’s world, it’s a huge deal people using these machines
The first time I ended up spending all weekend in
Jeremy, what was your experience in using the frequency generator?
The reason we felt so bad was from the Herxheimer Reaction (the body detoxing). How was this addressed?
My worst symptom for years was head pain, as if someone was driving an ice pick
The only thing that ever relieved my head pain was
Jeremy, in your case what were some of the things you used to relieve the Herx reaction?
One of the main ways Lyme evades our immune system is by creatin
The biofilm busting enzyme
Horizontal Gene Transfer
Lyme can exchange information
Rheumatoid Arthritis type systems
In your case, Jeremy, what did you experience with the die off created by these enzymes?
Let’s talk about how the co-infections and the weird vector borne diseases found in insects end up in us
Frequency generators and co-infections
Jeremy, what issues did you encounter with co-infections?
Depression, anxiety and neurological issues, but as we progressed
Diet and Lyme disease
The dairy aspect
Gluten and Lyme disease
The diet struggle
Cellect/Budwig launched me into recovery
Diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s; brain spec scan
Within 10 days of implementing the Cellect/Budwig protocol
Jeremy, what did you notice when you started using the protocol?
John, I can’t stress diet enough and would like to mention
We have talked privately about our faith and what it means
I had the will to live


Floris Knouwds

"Five years ago my son (26 years old) developed a brain tumor and I immediately started reading (mostly on the internet) about brain cancer and the road ahead. I soon discovered the (chemical) medical world could only offer him (according to oncologists) a 2.8% chance for recovery. While his chance for spontaneous remission was 11%. To me that meant that they would only diminish his chances for remission. And that did not sit well with me. As a result I got into the possibilities offered by other (alternative) modi of medicine.

After being confused to the extreme by conflicting theories and protocols I eventually got to Cancer Tutor and found some real guidance there. It also informed me about your work and I ordered your CD set – which I found extremely informative.

Armed with this knowledge and helped by the guidance of the God in whom I believe we started my son on a mixture of different protocols – including Bud wig + supplements (spaced in a way as to cause minimum possible interference between them). The main problem was that we live in South Africa which prevented us for getting everything we needed and made it was extremely expensive.

However, during the three months we did this, his fits increased daily and he decided to have brain surgery. During the surgery they were only able to remove 40% of the tumor. After analysis of the tumor the doctor informed us that he had GBM... and only 6 months to live.

My son decided to have both chemotherapy and radiation. Against the doctors orders we (however) kept up our “protocol” during all this time. The net result was that he did not have a single negative symptom from either the chemo or the radiation. And we saw him steadily improve.

When he went back for his first MRI their was no sign of any cancer. Even the 60% they left behind was gone. Today (5 years later) he is still alive and well and fully functioning. After his last MRI the neurologist told him that their was no sign that he ever had cancer. His brain has fully healed.

And my point: I have experienced the difference that alternative therapies can make in the life of my son!"


"I wanted to express my sincere gratitude for saving my life. I was working one day and lost my peripheral vision on my left side. Shortly after I was in the emergency room. An MRI revealed I had a brain tumor. I had surgery to removed the lesion and then my cancer journey began. I was told it was an astrocytoma and a rare one since only 59 patients had a similar characteristic. Needless to say, those 59 patients did not survive for long. When I was told that they don't keep a record of patients who do not follow standard protocol of Chemo and Radiation, I realized the standard protocol did not offer any hope. In fact, most likely led to these patients early demise.

My sister took charge of my health treatments. She utilized the information from your website and established dietary and exercise protocols that changed my life. 2 months after brain surgery, I was lifting weights, riding my motorcycle and healthier than ever. My ph is Alkaline and my blood test are normal. I know I'm cured!!!. I also know if I had did the standard cancer protocol I would not be so joyful of my health.Thank you for not only your information of truth but the encouragement. Please keep up the good work and God Bless you all."

Laurie Kelly

"In September 2011, at the age of 62, I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma. It was a total surprise as I had no idea I had cancer or was even sick at all. I immediately was hospitalized and treated with traditional chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Six months later I had a stem cell transplant at Emory University and after recovery I was in remission.

I continued under the care of an oncologist and eventually the myeloma returned and I returned to chemotherapy treatment. This seemed like a continuous cycle I would be on. My wife Karen learned of naturopathic treatments and began to study them intensely. I later joined her in learning about alternative methods to treating cancer, ones that were not so destructive to the rest of the body. It became apparent to us that if I stayed on traditional chemotherapy that I would eventually succumb to the side effects of the treatment.

Through a website called The Cancer Tutor (and other sources) we learned of natural protocols developed by Dr. Budwig as well as Dr. Gerson and a learned about a powdered body building product called Cellect. These protocols consisted of a diet of primarily fresh vegetable juices and a mixture made of cottage cheese and flax seed oil which enhanced the natural immune system and also destroyed cancer cells without the side effects of chemotherapy. To implement the natural therapies we had a video consult with Tiffany Redel from Road to Health. Tiffany was very helpful in explaining how to implement the protocols which supplemented the reading we had done. She also explained what foods to avoid. She has also been available for follow up questions when we needed some clarification or reassurance.

While on these protocols I have also been on an antibody cancer treatment (which is not traditional chemotherapy). It is a treatment which uses an antibody that targets specifically multiple myeloma cells without destroying any other cells. It is similar to the treatment that former President Jimmy Carter successfully underwent for his brain cancer.

With this combination of natural food protocols, Cellect and the antibody treatment I have seen a dramatic reduction in my cancer marker (a blood test result which measures a protein like cell which is an indicator of multiple myeloma activity). Normal amounts of this marker in healthy people are from 0-20. I have seen my count reduced from over 4400 to about 300 over a period of months.

It is not all easy. Multiple myeloma leaves one’s bones brittle. In June of last year I had a spontaneous fracture of my upper right humerus bone. It took about 6 months to heal. Then in December I learned that I had several brittle vertebra in my neck which were compromising my spinal column. At the end of January 2017 I had two neck fusion surgeries to stabilize my spinal column. I have recently seen my surgeon (who is an oncological neurosurgeon, one of only 11 in the country) and he is here in Atlanta at Emory University. He said my surgery is one of the most successful he has done, even though it was very serious, and my recovery is ahead of schedule and somewhat miraculous. On April 3, 2017 I am returning to work full time and I am pleasantly surprised at the flexibility and mobility of my neck.

I am very thankful to my wife for taking the initiative to learn about natural therapies. I believe they have greatly contributed to my fight against cancer and I will continue to use them in the future as they have no harmful side effects. I am also grateful to the practitioners who have developed the natural healing methods even in the face of institutional opposition. Tiffany Redel and Road to Health have been a great source of information and an available resource to continue to refine our course of natural treatment of cancer."


"I’ve been following the Cellect-Budwig Protocol + supplements since our discussion on June 20th, and I would like to inform you that my CEA has dropped from a high of 79 on June 23 to 20 on Aug 25. Additionally my 9 brain tumors, which were treated with radiation and had been slowly shrinking, have totally disappeared, and my scan of the lung lymph nods show no growth. And I had my last dose of Chemo on June 2nd. This is great progress and I’m very optimistic about my future. Thanks for your guidance."


"My wife was diagnosed with follicular lymphoma in October 2011. In March 2012, it was transformed into diffused large b-cell lymphoma (DLBCL). She went through 6 cycles of chemo called R-chop within 3 months and achieved remission.

At end of 2012, her DLBCL come back. She went through 3 cycles chemo called ICE followed by auto-stem cell transplant in March 2013. She achieved remission.

In August 2013, her DLBCL come back confirmed by CT. I consulted you about Cellect/Budwig therapy and started therapy in September 2013.

So far she is doing very well and her doctor could not figure out why she is fine until now. We did not tell him what we are doing, as our previous experience show doctors are not happy with patients seeking alternative therapies;but he said she is strangest patient he seen. My wife did not perform any CT check since Aug 2013 due to radioactive concern, but she did blood check every few months. The result is all good, so we almost forget it now.

The result is amazing. I think cottage cheese/flaxseed oil, Cellect powder and b17 tablets, etc are key stuff and it’s easy to follow.

That is the testimonial for us. Thanks once again for your research on chronic disease. Result is amazing."

Eddie and Dawn

"My Cancer journey began: March 1st 2012, when I had my first violent seizure while at work, I was rushed to E.R. They found a mass on my C.T. scan but wasn’t 100% sure if it was a tumor or if I may have had a stroke, so they decided (Praise God) that it would be best if they sent me to another Hospital “name removed” because of their experience with brain tumors/ Cancer. The M.R.I. scan that was taken in E.R. confirmed that there was a mass that they thought needed to have a biopsy to determine for sure what it was. I had a biopsy March 5th 2012 and it was determined to be a stage (3) brain tumor. (Antineoplastic Astrocytoma – Right front lobe); (Life expectance without treatment – months, & with treatment 2 - 5yrs.). I started having seizures from that point on, after the biopsy, it was determined after the biopsy that I needed to have surgery to remove the tumor; this was first attempted on March 21st 2012, it couldn’t be done because the tumor was too interwoven into my brain, so the surgeon decided it wasn’t worth the chance of trying to get it out so He decided to close me back up & see if Chemo & Radiation would help make it more defined & able to be removed.

Because Doctors know everything that is best for us, we trusted their suggestion to have 6 weeks of Chemo pills & pin point Radiation. After that was completed, I had another M.R.I. to compare to the first one; both the Radiologist & my Oncologist were pleased because the tumor had not grown, it also had not shrunk, which is what we were all expecting to happen. Their next suggestion was maintenance Chemo, which was a dose that was 3 times stronger than what I had been taken; at this point we had some serious praying & decisions to make.

I decided that considering the way the first Chemo made me feel, that a heavier dose would be unbearable; but if we don’t do what the doctors said, what were we going to do?

Luckily, my wonderful wife was good at researching on – line for alternative Cancer healing processes; were she discovered alternative natural healing protocols like Max Gerson (juicing, coffee enemas & other natural protocols) in Mexico & Dr. Lorraine Day (also juicing & vegan diet) in California; these were both too far away & too expensive, & what “no eating meat or no sugar is she crazy”?

We decided to take a little info from both & give it a try, we started this August 15th 2012; I didn’t think I would ever be able to do the Vegan diet however, it wasn’t as hard as I imagined it to be. I had several victories, (such as the tumor getting defined enough to try to be removed for the 2nd time) & some setbacks the rest of the year of 2012 & the beginning of 2013, including a total of 5 brain surgeries (2 of which caused by Chemo & Radiation) & my Cancer being upgraded from stage 3 to stage 4 after the tumor was removed; at that point I was told that if I didn’t get on some strong Chemo & fast, I may not make it another month.

We knew we were not going back on Chemo however this got us back to what are we going to do now, of course it meant even more intense prayer & research; My wife (Dawn) found Cancer on – line, we read & listen to the info provided & one of the videos ended with a way of talking with a counselor, so we contacted Mike V. & we Skyped April 2013 & he provided us the information through each protocol step by step including Cellect/ Budwig. We took the information provided and followed to the letter & prayed for God’s favor & mercy the rest of the year 2013, 3 months after starting the protocol. I started noticing more energy & less pain, then 4 months after, the tumor was GONE except for a small web like spot on my MRI scan, most likely scar tissue, my Oncologist said he didn’t even consider it a tumor any more. (Dr. “name removed” my Oncologist said “He was very surprised to see me, because most people with stage 4 brain Cancer, he doesn’t get a chance to see them again :). Then 7 months after: Nov. 14th. 2013 – God intervened NO MORE TUMOR showing on my M.R.I. scan !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Life expectance: Eternity).

As of March 7th 2016 M.R.I. – everything is still clean & clear, No Cancer!!!!!!

I plan to continue on with the plan for at least 5 yrs., or until I’m completely healed (strengthing & rebuilding my left side)."


"Her breast tumor was the size of an almond near the surface just under the skin. We could feel it easily three weeks ago. Now we have a hard time finding it. While we are excited we are still cautious, and will remain so. Here is what we are doing, which is not perfect, but will continue to study and learn. We will perfect it all after working with you on the Skype call.

   1. We LOVE the Budwig cottage cheese and flax oil! My wife can eat the 8/16 tablespoons ratio a day with no problem. I eat it too. Have been doing this much for only two weeks. We follow the directions on Cancer Tutor exactly to make it. No problem keeping it down is as good as ice cream!
   2. We have been juicing for a month. She drinks a half gallon a day of carrot, apple, beet mix, I do too when I have enough time to make a gallon of it.
   3. She is taking iodine each day for about 14 days now.
   4. She is taking selenium drops daily, also taking liver pills.
   5. She took baking soda twice a day for 30 days then stopped as she did not want to over-do it.
   6. We eat no meat, dairy, etc. No animal product foods. Few cooked foods, only steamed veggies.
   7. We are doing the coffee enemas. Was not easy at first, but now getting it down.
   8. She did a 5-day colon cleanse with a milk thistle formula.
   9. She feels great, and still works driving that 18-wheeler on the construction job for 12 hours a day, driving some 400 miles a day and hauling several loads.
   10. Had the PET scan but still do not have complete results, but so far it appears the cancer has not spread to other parts of her body. Her Docs are having a fit because she is refusing surgery, chemo, and radiation, and all drugs. However, we are still not sure about the surgery, she may, or may not do it. Still trying to decide, but that is ALL she wants to do, if anything.
   11. Want very much to get the Rife Machine. What a fascinating story on Royal Rife.
   12. Have not started the Cellect as I want to make sure we do that right too. Will continue to read and listen to Cds to prepare for that when we talk on Skype.

Looking forward to the information and getting all of this perfected. Spending a lot of time reading in Cancer Tudor, so much to read and learn, but all good. Lots of wonderful work there which must have taken years to do it all."


"Just wanted to give you a quick update on my sister. She's handicapped with esophageal cancer and was given a prognosis of about 6 weeks and they wanted to insert a feeding tube (that I refused). She's still kicking and doing well. After 3 months on Cellect/Budwig and the plethora of other things I've had her on, her PET scan showed the tumor in fact did shrink. I'm still passionately researching alternative therapy and healthy foods. I hope to be able to help people as you are doing some day. Let me know if you ever need help or are ready to retire. Ha! Thank you again for all of your help. We are forever grateful."


Note: This was a part of an email conversation between friends. Lisa tells a friend about Mike and Cancer Tutor.

"Sorry to hear about your brother in laws diagnosis. I was diagnosed with gall bladder cancer last December. It was completely unexpected. I went in for routine gall bladder surgery. My surgeon saw nothing suspicious during surgery and everything went well. As you probably know, they always send your gall bladder out for testing. When it came back from pathology they said my gall bladder was completely full of cancer, to the point of mush. The concern was that it had spread to my liver and surrounding lymph nodes. I was scheduled for surgery to remove part of my liver and lymph nodes. After a LOT of research, I came across cancer tutor, and then hooked up with Mike & the rest is history. Within a few months my cancer was gone. Up to this point I have remained cancer free. I still follow the protocol on a scaled back version. Enzymes, Budwig 1-2x daily, Cellect once daily and juice a few times daily! I feel great! So much better than I had for years.

I credit Mike & cancer tutor with saving my life. When I was diagnosed they gave me 3 months-2 years to live. Reading about it online was very scary and NOT the least bit encouraging. I'm sure you have been reading as well. Don't feel discouraged. Given the right nutrition our bodies know what to do! There is always hope until someone has taken their last breath. Mike is right. The Lord decides who lives and dies. But I will tell you this. Even if your brother-in-law doesn't make it, if he follows the protocol, his quality of life will be GREATLY improved.

DO EVERYTHING THAT YOU CAN AFFORD! Listen to the Cd's as quickly as possible, then DO THE CONSULT! I made the mistake of putting it off, waiting on this and that. When I finally talked to Mike I found there were a LOT of gaps in what I was doing! Follow the information and Don't waste time! I had a woman come all the way from California to Indiana for me to help support her while she was doing the protocol. She had advanced cancer & had done a few rounds of chemo & radiation. She was terminal. She & family really drug their feet. Took a few weeks to get them to listen to the cd's and a few more until they finally called Mike. While I kept saying "cancer diet, fruits and vegetables" they were buying organic pancake mix! So - follow the protocol to the letter! Time is of the essence. The protocol is time intensive. By the time you make Cellect 4x a day, and Budwig 3-4x a day and juice several times a day, you can imagine - most of your time is spent in the kitchen! It takes a strong support system to get through this! Webster, the “webmaster” of says, "The protocol is only as good as the diet!" I believe that to be true. Do everything possible to stick with it! There is no burger or pizza worth risking your life for! It can be easy to get into the mentality of " eating what you like because you may die anyway! " I would STRONGLY encourage you to read "the China Study" as well.

I will be praying for your brother in law, as well as the family. I understand what a scary time this is. There are moments of panic, moments of hope. Highs & lows. Don't ride those! Try to keep an even keel. STRESS KILLS! Try laugh therapy! It's a proven fact laughing boosts our immune system! I think you will find Mike is terrific in that area, as well. Some days my only laughs came from him! I still can't think about the word "enema" without cracking up! And believe me, I do NOT find that to be a funny subject!! You will like Mike a lot."


"Hello Mike. Hope all is well. Nearly 1 year since I met you. My lung tumor looks like "stars" because it's breaking up. Still on maintenance dose Cellect-Budwig to keep lungs clear and keep colon cancer from taking hold."


"My mom is treating lymphoma since September, including enzyme therapy using the PEP enzymes along with the pancreatin enzymes you discussed in your information. She went for Pet Cat scan at the end of February and it showed great improvement. Also her Navarro test went from 53 to 52.5. The metastases from liver are gone and the lymph nodes got much smaller."

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